GlobalShipped - Developed by USendHome

Extend your market reach without the worry about difficult and uncertain global shipments.

No logistic change. Ship domestically but offer your customers seamless international shipment.

Edge out your competitors with a FREE, convenient US address for your customer’s online shopping.

No hassle for you or your customers - Go global!

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Is your package GlobalShipped?

Ship within the US and we will forward anywhere in the world. Just do what you do: sell. We’ll do what we do: take care of international shipping. We help you make sales globally. Bigger market, bigger profits!

GlobalShipped Features

  • Your customers receive the package forwarding address straight from your store
  • The new address becomes the shipping address automatically for a fast checkout
  • Adding a unique customer service to your shop: package forwarding and consolidation
  • Your shop becomes a better choice over your competitors
  • Your customers have complete control on what features they pick
  • All these features and it’s 100% FREE. Reap the benefits without having to pay a penny

GlobalShipped - Global Market, Local Shipping